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Hurricane resources


News Feeds


(designed for kids, but check for appropriateness in your setting)


from CNN – Student News:

from MSNBC – Pencil News:

Resources for Teachers and Others Who Help Children Cope with Disaster:





Helping children deal with natural disasters:

Children's Literature on Natural Disasters:

Red Cross:

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:

University of Florida:

Lengthy Paper on detecting Need and Offering Support:

from the National Tramatic Child Stress Network:

Mr. Rogers (help for talkign about the news with young children):

National Association of School Psychologists:

Helping People with "Bystanders' Syndrome" (feeling helplessness in the face of disaster):

Background and Information on Hurricanes – for Adults First



How Stuff Works - Hurricanes (for adult use - many ads, but great, understandable information)

From NOAA - National Hurricane Center (includes warnings, maps and images)

Collection of News sources on current disaster:

Images from Satellites of Hurricanes (and more)

Virtual Reality Hurricane "tours":

Simulations, Information and more:

List of Tropical Cyclone (Hurricane) Names 2005 - 2010

A compendium of sites - for adults:


Background and Information on Hurricanes – for Children


Basic Hurricane Information (for kids 7 and up)

Miami Museum of Science - includes child-appropriate first person stories of surviving hurricanes:

Canadian Hurricane Center (some here is great for younger students):

National Geographic Hurricanes for Kids:


For Youngest Learners:



Zero to Three (about coping in general - from 9/11):

Red Cross (specific ideas by grade level):

From Enchanted Learning - some basic information:

From the Miami Museum of Science - many resources, but I particularly liked the quilt where people can share their survival stories:

Teaching Ideas:



Students can make online weather journals - perhaps with real weather, or as it might be before, during, and after a hurricane:

Make art to represent the movement in a hurricane:

Lesson Plan (10 lessons) for science/hurricanes:

Lesson Planning Ideas:

Use media sources to have students create a presentation, news program or other product about hurricanes: (movies of satellite images) (search for hurricane images)


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