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Video Curriculum and Video Production. Elementary through High School Arts Curriculum Resources and Traditional Arts Resources.

ABOUT PODCASTING - VIDEO BLOGGING, Broadcasting, Vlog, AND Streaming

clipart that is free to use! How to protect your online art.

VIDEOBLOG / VLOGS Video blogging Learn how to video yourself with your own webcam and then put it up online somewhere. Video blogging Cheaper video recorders mean anyone can make videos, while anybody can watch clips posted online. As videos get streamed TV will be transformed and thought of as the days when you had to watch something that others chose for you.

"MUSEUMS & LEARNING: A GUIDE FOR FAMILY VISITS" offers suggestions on how to make museum visits enjoyable learning experiences for families with children ranging in age from 4 to 12 years old.

Artists in Residence (AiR) is an on-going series of videos taking viewers behind the scenes and into the studios of award-winning artists as they create their work and talk about being an artist. for more info. YouTube search for "canderso."
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