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Londoners are the most likely people to lost their mobile phones, PDAs, notebooks, and mobile phones, and thumb drives in a taxi, but the city also has the most honest cab drivers.

cell phones
Mobile phone security attacks on the rise. What parents can do with the cell phones now. JuiceCaster 2.0 for phone-created Web content (enabling more kid-produced media on the Web). Sprint Nextel Corp. introduced a new service called Family Locator that lets parents track their kids' whereabouts, using the GPS capabilities in each child's cellphone. a raft of risks that can affect mobile users, including viruses and malware. First Trojan Spy for Symbian Phones. AT&T provided National Security Agency eavesdroppers with full access to its customers' phone calls. Investigators will be able to track the physical locations of cellular phone users, pinpointing your whereabouts at the beginning and end of every call. In essence, wireless phone systems will be transformed into giant tracking networks.

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