Start A Community Radio Station In Your Town!

JetAudio Basic
JetAudio Basic application allows visitors to create their own Internet broadcasts, and it also can play all major file formats. For those who love audio effects, the application can also create nice cross-fade and also bridge transitions between songs as well. This version is compatible with all computers running Windows 98 and newer.

"The Federal Communications Commission will accept applications for new full power non-commercial educational (NCE) FM radio station licenses sometime this year, perhaps in late spring," writes Carmen Ausserer. "Typically, the FCC gives between one and three months notice before opening the filing window, which will likely last only five days." The process will end a six-year FCC freeze on new full-power licenses. "The window is a rare opportunity for non-profits and educational institutions," notes Ausserer.
Organizations including Prometheus Radio Project, Native Public Media, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters and Radio for People Coalition are raising awareness about the opportunity and providing information to interested groups. But "the FCC can only accept applications for frequencies that do not conflict with existing stations, which, for the most part, no longer exist within 30 miles of the largest 100 cities in the U.S."

May 20,2001
Low Power Radio At-a-Glance: What could your organization or community do with an LPFM station?
Contact: Pete Tridish
P.O. Box 42158 Philadelphia, PA 19101
215-476-2385 Philly, PA.

Prometheus Radio Project has all kinds of helpful stuff about the application

Available by phone from the FCC at 1-888-CALL-FCC.
Forms Distribution Center at 1-800-418-3676 to order the form.