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Algorithms Are Digital Art

Computer Program Qrpff

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Digital art strives for creative ways to make an algorithm tangible.

Descramble That DVD in 7 Lines.

The qrpff Tie sold for 34.00 in 2003 and sold for 2500.00 in 2015.
Their "qrpff" program is a more compact cousin of the DeCSS utility that eight movie studios successfully sued to remove from the website of 2600 Magazine which can be seen here. But unlike DeCSS, qrpff is abbreviated enough for critics of the Motion Picture Association of America to include in, for example, e-mail signature files -- and many already have. The algorithm sets out a procedure for what copyright holders once deemed a criminal act: picking the software lock on the digital scrambling system that Hollywood uses to protect its DVDs. More

Video Production - Getting out of DRM

2016 More proof that everything DMCA is broken - Warner Bros Issues Takedown For Own Website. In a case of sloppy automation run amok, Warner Bros' copyright enforcement contractor -- Vobile -- issued takedown notices for legitimate distributors and Warner Bros' own website, according to the BBC. It also asked the search giant to remove links to legitimate movie streaming websites run by Amazon and Sky, as well as Amazon-owned film database IMDB. Fortunately for them, Google chose to cut them a break and ignore those requests.

2016 EFF Lawsuit Takes on DMCA Section 1201: Research and Technology Restrictions Violate the First Amendment
The EFF is suing the US government over 'unconstitutional' use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Copyright DVD



DRM =Privacy and Security

2015 HTML5's overseer says DRM's true purpose is to prevent legal forms of innovation

1. DRM's purpose is to prevent legal innovation 2. DRM requires onerous patent licenses 3. DRM is incompatible with free/open code and systems

Adobe Spyware Reveals (Again) the Price of DRM: Your Privacy and Security

Getting out of the restrictive DRM scheme with MIRO


Sun Microsystems announced plans for an open-source, royalty-free digital rights management (DRM) standard, called the Open Media Commons

The term "DRM" is the same sort of deception."

"The technical term Digital Rights Management is about "digital rights" -- as in access rights to digital information.

Internet: Copyright and Fair Use

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