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NEW THIS WEEK for November 30, 2004

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Written by Classroom Teacher Alan Haskvitz
1997 National Teacher's Hall of Fame Inductee
1999 All USA Today First TeamTeacher
1994 National Middle Level Teacher of the Year (NCSS)







The end of college lectures attendance?
Online classes expanding. In my school district high school online classes are coming for classes not offered at the school. This has been a common event for those students isolated from knowledgeable educators for many years. This demand and the offerings of NOVA in Florida helped push this method of learning into the mainstream.

Copyright laws being fought by students.
In an effort to put an end of overly broad copyright protection that they
feel can curtail creative freedom, a group of students has organized Free Culture to protect against such restrictive acts as the Induce Act. This Act pushed by Bush's pr-business supporters would make it illegal to encourage copyright infringement. That's right, the act of organizing civil disobedience would be a crime.,1284,65616,00.html

Future of Music
Moving into its fifth year in 2005, the FMC Policy Summit was a forum for musicians, lawyers, academics, policymakers and music industry executives to come together to discuss and debate some of the most contentious issues surrounding digital technology, artists' rights and the current state of the music industry.

Have you been phished upon?
"Phishing is one of the fastest-growing forms of personal fraud in the world. While consumers are the most obvious victims, the damage spreads far wider--hurting companies' finances and reputation and potentially undermining consumer confidence in the safety of e-commerce."

Math tests too easy?
The ultra conservative Brookings Institution has a report by its Brown Center Loveless director, Tom, that states that the national test of basic math skills did not have enough rigor because there were too many questions that used whole numbers. Must be nice and warm there on that Ivory Tower. 


New Teachers can find advice and helpful suggestions here

A fabulous site that shows in animation the growth of the United States.
Simply excellent and perfect for United States history classes.

What do Administrators, Teachers,
and the Public need to know about Dialect Speakers?
Find out more about literacy and approaches to improving it.


Constitutional Rights Foundation
Learn about Your Jury Rights - You are the last word in what is Law! Not the Supreame Court or Congress but "We the People" The best place to find excellent resources to teach civics. If you don't order their materials you are missing a good source of quality lessons for all grade levels.
What are costs of living and salaries around the nation?
This site has the answer.  A fun place to get data to plan your future.

Lesson plans for all subject areas is here. Take a look, you need to scroll down to the lesson plan link.

Conferences in interesting places
No sense not taking advantage of tax deductions for study. If they happen to be in nice places so much the better. Here are a few in Hawaii, India, and Paris



3rd Annual Digital Rights Management Conference 2005.  Ministry of
Science and Research of the State Northrhine Westfalia, Germany.
January 13-24, 2005.  Berlin, Germany.  For more information:

12th Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium. The
Internet Society.  February 3-4, 2005.  San Diego, CA.  For more

14th Annual RSA Conference.  RSA Security.  February 14-18, 2005.  San Francisco, CA.  For more information:

The World Summit on the Information Society PrepCom 2.  February
17-25, 2005.  Geneva, Switzerland.  For more information:

The Concealed I: Anonymity, Identity, and the Prospect of Privacy.  On
the Identity Trail and the Law and Technology Program at the
University of Ottawa.  March 4-5, 2005.  Ottawa, Canada.  For more

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference.  March 14-17, 2005.  San
Diego, CA.  For more Information:

7th International General Online Research Conference.  German
Society for Online Research.  March 22-23, 2005.  Zurich, Switzerland.
For more information:

5th Annual Future of Music Policy Summit.  Future of Music
Coalition.  April 10-11, 2005.  Washington DC.  For more information:

CFP2005: Fifteenth Annual Conference on Computers, Freedom and
Privacy.  April 12-15, 2005.  Seattle, WA.  For more information:

2005 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy.  IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy in cooperation with The International Association for Cryptologic Research.  May 8-11, 2005. Berkeley, CA.  For more information:

SEC2005: Security and Privacy in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing.
Technical Committee on Security & Protection in Information Processing Systems with the support of Information Processing Society of Japan. May 30-June 1, 2005.  Chiba, Japan.  For more information:


Grants for individual teachers


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