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Genius of The Beast: Howard Bloom

Howard Bloom discusses his new book "The Genius Of The Beast A Radical Revision of Capitalism"

The Genius of the Beast by Howard Bloom Is global capitalism on its last legs? Is the era of American leadership over? Has the West begun a decline into a new Dark Age? Does American civilization deserve to survive? These are the unnerving questions raised by the Great Crash of 2009. A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism.

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 Some of the simple facts about Howard Bloom are as follows.....
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"The mind is the conversion of molecules of matter into spiritual photons of enlightement And into spiritual pheromones of communication -- Van Philpot

Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999
  -- the idea that what we think of as "the brain" actually extends far beyond the gray matter in our cerebrum. First, it's pretty obvious that the brain is a mechanism in a broader meshwork within the body. To function it tunes into such things as the hpa (hypothalamic/pituitary axis) which plugs it in to the adrenal cortex down in the lower back and to the gonads, even lower in most of us. The brain also plugs in to the vagal nervous system, whose center is also well below the ribcage, to the oxytocinergic system, distributed throughout the body, and is influenced by such networks as the clocks located virtually everywhere within us and the proprioceptive centers all over the body, those receptors which tell us what position our face is in (facial expression influences mood and vice versa), what sort of gestures our fingers our making, what innner and outer cues our postural muscles are giving off, etc.

But the really interesting plug-ins are those outside the brain. One of the chapters of _Global Brain_ presents a squidgeon of the evidence showing how the tentacles of culture snake through our brain, determining its morphology in infancy, then tweaking the brain to exaltation, depression, and a variety of other moods through everything from fads, news shifts like those which accompnay such things as the explosion of the space shuttle or the Lewinskygate fiasco, and on through the alterations in music which tune the individual neurendocrinological systems of folks in a bar or a concert to a common beat and emotional tone. In a sense, the brain is merely a neuron in larger collective intelligences like that of a subculture (or multiple subcultures), an uberculture, the global intercultural mesh, and finally the interspecies global brain covered in _Global Brain's_ chapter 20. In another sense, all these collective brains are extensions of the individual brain. The boundaries of mind do not stop at the interior of the skull, not by any means.

-- Howard


One of my personal favorites happens to be:  
Frederick Erickson
a socio-linguistic micro-analyst at Interaction Lab, Grad School of Ed, U of Pennsylvania, studies Rhythmic sychrony. (Psych Today, 11/87, pp. 37-8) 36b [has observed similar phenomena]

A researcher filmed children romping in a school playground at lunch hour each seemed to be "doing his own thing."

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