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EXPERT Art Wolinsky

Art Wolinsky

Art Wolinsky
Technology Director - Online Internet Institute
Educational Technology Director -
(609) 698-8223 (Home Office)
(609) 618-4433 (Cell)

I am perfectly capable of learning from my mistakes.
I will surely learn a great deal today.

Staff Development and Online Community Building
Technology Director -Online Internet Institute
Educational Technology Director for

Technology Policy
Since day one, it has been my position that a long and detailed technology policy makes as much sense as a long and detailed pen policy.  Do we spell out in writing that pens should not be used to draw pornography, send threatening letters, or stab other students?  Technology, like pens, is nothing more than an educational tool and if there is any policy that needs to be stated, it could be done in one paragraph that said is it provided as an educational tool and that it should be used legally and responsibly. Other uses are  inappropriate.

Why I Teach
I teach, therefore I am. That is a slightly different response than my wife gave when my son expressed an interest in changing his major to philosphy. She said, 'I think, therefore you won't.'

The Obligatory Bio
I've been a teacher for the past thirty. The past 15 have centered around technology and staff development.

I discovered computers about 20 years ago and immediately saw them as valuable educational tools. Almost instantly, I decided to move into technology education. Armed with my trusty Sinclair ZX-81 I started to do everything I could to spread my vision to others.

I don't consider myself particularly gifted, but I do consider myself hard working and lucky. I have a great family that gave me my work ethic and values. I have a great wife who has given me the support and freedom to pursue the things in which I believe. I've been lucky enough to come in contact with some of the top educational and computing minds in the country.

Administrators like Jim Moran, retired executive directory of NJASA and Judy Wilson, superintendent of the Woodbury School District have provided me with invaluable guidance and support. People like Larry Burtness of Alchemdia Software, who was my multimedia mentor shared his knowledge with me and hundreds of others through an IBM sponsored BBS.

Educators like Ferdi Serim and Bonnie Bracey, co-founders of the Online Internet Institute mentored and encouraged me as I was trying my wings on Internet. Other members of the OII such as Janet Murray, Celia Einhorn, Hiralie Davis, Susan Myers and others to numerous to mention, provided support and interaction that has been priceless.

As value added, Tom March had entered the picture and contributed his particular magic to the mix as we work together with Keith Nuthall and Jodi Reed on Web-and-Flow.

All of this has led up to my retirement from the classroom in September of 1998 and a rebirth into my second life. I'm looking forward to another decade of two of persuing my dreams and helping others find theirs.

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