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Women's Sports Resources

National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD)
This day, celebrated in February, is "a day to acknowledge the past and recognize current sports achievements, the positive influence of sports participation, and the continuing struggle for equality and access for women in sports." The site features a timeline about Title IX and an events calendar for NGWSD observations and activities. From the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport, a coalition of six "girls- and women-serving organizations in the United States."

Women's Sports Foundation

The AAUW Educational Foundation - The AAUW Funding Initiative: Two-year Community Action Grants provide seed money to individual women, AAUW branches, AAUW state organizations, and community-based nonprofit organizations. These grants provide start-up funds for longer-term programs and are restricted to projects focused on K-14 (including 2-year colleges) girls' achievement in math, science, and/or technology. Funds support planning activities, coalition building, program implementation and evaluation. Deadline: January 15, 2004.

. Bristol Myers Foundation 
Funded by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, the Foundation's activities support a broad range of programs that address important health matter and social issues around the world.

. Business and Professional Women Foundation
The foundation provides financial assistance to women seeking additional education to advance in their careers or re-enter the workforce, and also collects, conducts, and analyzes research on issues affecting women in the workplace.

. Central Asia Institute  
Nonprofit organization supporting community-based programs in education, women's empowerment, public health, and conservation in remote mountain regions of Central Asia.

. The Chahara Foundation 
The Chahara Foundation offers general operating funds to Greater Boston-based nonprofit institutions working with and run by lower-income women. We award renewable grants of up to $20,000.

. Chicago Foundation for Women 
Raises funds for grants, advocates that other increase their giving to programs serving women and girls, and develops women and girls as philanthropists.

. Colin Higgins Foundation 
The Foundation is particularly interested in assisting organizations that have a significant impact in areas such as AIDS education and advocacy, and the empowerment of gay men, lesbians, bisexual and transgendered peoples..

. The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting
The mission of The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting is to support the advancement of women in the accounting profession through the funding of education, research, career literature, publications and other projects.

. The Canadian Women's Foundation  
As Canada's first and only national public foundation for women and girls, CWF has earned a reputation as an organization that is accessible to grass-roots women's groups.

. Commonwealth Fund
Independent research on health care access, quality, managed care, minority health, women's health, Medicare, children and youth.

. The Education Trust 
The Education Trust promotes high academic achievement for all students, at all levels-kindergarten through college.

. Exploring Women's Concerns--Voices of Women Online/VOWworld
In these pages, women are telling their stories, discussing real issues, and sharing hard-won wisdom.

. FairTest 
The National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) is an advocacy organization working to end the abuses, misuses and flaws of standardized testing and ensure that evaluation of students and workers is fair, open, and educationally sound.

. Federated Department Stores Foundation
Through the Federated Foundation, the company attempts to make a meaningful difference by helping organizations in cities around the country address such daunting problems and needs as: Breast cancer and domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, Education, Families, Cities: from soaring ballets, symphonies and operas to the beauty of museums and nature conservatories, the spirit of art shows and theater, the tranquility of parks and libraries - and the worst of what we have become: crime, drugs, violence, homelessness, racial conflict, unemployment, ghettos, poverty and despair.

. Fund for Nonviolence 
Focusing on women and girls, this foundation addresses issues of poverty, violence and children's needs.

. General Electric Fund
We seek to educate - grade school through graduate school and beyond. Education develops resourceful leaders who grow the economy. It produces informed voters and consumers. It fosters understanding and respect for one another. The GE Fund is a catalyst, supporting programs that provide for the education and well-being of men, women, and children around the world.

. Giving New England 
Giving New England (GNE) works to identify and promote opportunities for organized philanthropy throughout our region. We foster high-engagement giving among new donors. 

. Global Fund for Women  
The Global Fund for Women, an international network of women and men committed to a world of equality and social justice, advocates for and defends women's human rights by making grants to support women's groups around the world.

. Girls Global Education Fund 
Provides scholarships for girls in developing countries to attend primary, junior high and high school.

. Iowa Women's Foundation 
It is the mission of the Iowa Women's Foundation (IWF) to bring about a just society by supporting the empowerment of all women and girls throughout the state of Iowa

. The Kentucky Foundation for Women
The goal of the Kentucky Foundation for Women is to change the lives of women by supporting feminist expression in the arts in Kentucky; by publishing The American Voice, a literary journal; and by operating Hopscotch House, a rural retreat for women near Louisville.

. The Limited. Inc. 
The Limited Foundation's efforts on behalf of the communities in which we live and work are far-reaching but targeted to make the greatest impact. We support the organizations that reflect the values and concerns of our associates and our customers. In specific, we've targeted programs that are responsive to the needs of women, children, education and our communities.

. The Henry Luce Foundation
These include the interdisciplinary exploration of higher education; increased understanding between Asia and the United States; the study of religion and theology; scholarship in American art; opportunities for women in science and engineering; and contributions to youth and public policy programs.

. Mott Foundation - South Africa Field Office 
The Mott Foundation has three grantmaking objectives: 1.To strengthen education for democratic participation, To support women's participation in government and non-governmental organizations, To strengthen the effectiveness of the nonprofit sector.

. Ms. Foundation for Women
The Foundation funds and assists women's self-help organizing efforts, and pursues changes in public consciousness, law, philanthropy and social policy. The foundation has set up several funds addressing a variety of issues.

. Boston Women's Fund 
The Boston Women's Fund is a progressive fund that links people who have resources with women who have ideas and solutions. "We raise money from donors of all incomes to provide grants for women and girls addressing social and economic justice issues."

. The Breast Cancer Fund
Strategic placement of seed funding is made to projects that attempt to fill the wide gaps of knowledge concerning the disease, especially to innovative programs that are not being supported by more traditional sources of funding.


. New Israel Fund
The Fund supports organizations working for improving the status of women.

. Noel Foundation 
Encourages and supports the advancement of women around the world by funding entrepreneurial and educational programs.

. Nokomis Foundation   
. Devoted to empowerment of women and girls, this organization funds projects nationwide, with emphasis on Michigan programs.

. NOW Foundation, Inc.
The National Organization for Women Foundation ("NOW Foundation") is a 501(c) (3) organization devoted to furthering women's rights through education and litigation.

. The Open Meadows Foundation  
Funds projects that are designed and implemented by women and girls; projects that have limited access to financial resources and which reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of our society and promote the empowerment of women and girls; and projects for social change that have encountered obstacles in their search for funding. Deadline: February 15 and August 15, annually.

. Philanthrofund
Dedicated to Funding Community Organizations that Serve the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Allied Communities of the Upper Midwest.

. The New Mexico Women's Foundation
We support and fund innovative (and empowering) programs which enable women and girls to realize their dreams.

. Ellis L. Phillips Foundation 
THE ELLIS L. PHILLIPS FOUNDATION is primarily interested in strategically significant modest project grants to institutions in New England, in the following fields: Informal and Women's Education; advanced training and institutional development in Music and the Visual Arts; Rural Human Services; Rural Historic Preservation; Biodiversity Conservation.

. Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Remainder Trust
Geographic areas; Metropolitan Phoenix, Indiana, Arizona. Areas of funding interest include women, children, families, education and health care.

. Rockefeller Family Fund
Emphasis: Citizen education and participation, economic justice for women, environment, institutional responsiveness, self-sufficiency.

. Libby Ross Foundation 
Sponsors organizations involved in the treatment, research, and prevention of breast cancer and fosters awareness through fundraising events.

. Oshman's 
In their Women & Sports section you can get information on Oshman's "Grants for Girls Program."

. RainbowSauce
RainbowSauce is a website that has gathered various gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender media types and listed them all in one place. Instead of surfing the net for hours on end looking for the LGBT books, films or music you want, we've collected literally thousands of queer media titles and categorized them all for easy browsing. 

. Sara Lee Corporate Citizenship and Foundation  
At the Foundation, we think the most effective way to make a difference with our giving is to concentrate on specific areas, each with a distinct reason and purpose: women, culture, hunger and people in need. In addition to making grants to nonprofits. It appears they only fund programs in Chicago..

. TAP: The Ada Project
Internet resources for Women in Computer Science.

. Textron Charitable Contributions Program
Textron's charitable giving program focuses on supporting programs and providing educational opportunities for women and minorities to enable them to achieve success in the workplace.

. The Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence Against Women - Southeast Asia
The Trust Fund provides funding for innovative and catalytic initiatives that seek to prevent and eliminate violence against women.

. United Nations Development Fund for Women 
UNIFEM promotes women's empowerment and gender equality. It works to ensure the participation of women in all levels of development planning and practice, and acts as a catalyst within the UN system, supporting efforts that link the needs and concerns of women to all critical issues on the national, regional and global agendas.

. Verizon Foundation 
Specifically the Foundation concentrates its funding in the areas of literacy, digital divide, women and economic development, people with disabilities, education/scholarships, and community development.

Women and Work, Family and Society - To learn more about the complexities of family life and guide future grant making in this area, Whirlpool Foundation embarked on a global research initiative to explore women's views and attitudes on work, family and society.

. Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 
The Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation is a charitable private foundation that provides scholarship grants to schools and colleges for deserving female students and operating grants to a small number of institutions serving the needs of elderly women.

. The Fund for Women Artists 
The Fund for Women Artists is a non-profit arts service organization based in Western Massachusetts that supports the creation of plays, films, videos and other artworks that reflect the diversity and complexity of women's lives.

. The WHO Foundation  
The WHO Foundation was established to address health, education and wellness concerns specifically for women and children.

. Three Guineas Fund 
promotes social justice for women and girls by expanding access to opportunity in education and the economy through targeted grants.

. Third Wave Foundation 
National activist and philanthropic organization created for young women between the ages of 15 and 30.

. - The fund is a non-profit private foundation which gives business grants to women who wish to start a business, or grow a business they have already begun. 

. Women's Endowment Fund 
The mission of the Women's Endowment Fund of Akron Community Foundation is to: provide funding for Akron area programs that support women and children,  serve as a catalyst for needed projects,  assist women in their personal growth as philanthropists.

. The Women's Endowment Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Vancouver 
The Women's Endowment Fund enables Jewish women to connect with other women through the funding of projects that directly benefit or are of great importance to women in the Jewish community.

. Women & Philanthropy at UCLA  
Recognizing and promoting women's leadership and philanthropy at UCLA. 

. Women's Finance Fund 
The fund is a non-profit private foundation which gives business grants to women who wish to start a business, or grow a business they have already begun.

. The Women's Foundation of Minnesota - WFM is currently accepting applications for the following programs: GirlsBEST (Girls Building Economic Success Together) program: a five-year grantmaking and public awareness initiative focused on increasing the readiness of girls, ages 10-18, to achieve economic well-being (Deadline: September 1, 2003).

. Women's Funding Network
As a partnership of women's funds, donors, and allies around the world committed to social justice, the mission of Women's Funding Network is to ensure that women's funds are recognized as the "investment of choice" for people who value the full participation of women and girls as key to strong, equitable and sustainable communities and societies.

. The Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona has announced the establishment of Go Girls! Sports Grants, a program that will award grants totaling $10,000 over the next year for girls sports teams in southern Arizona that need help with expenses. The funds must be used for team members who would not be able to participate without financial assistance. Grant money may be used for costs associated with uniforms, athletic shoes, and equipment, as well as toward team fees, travel costs, tournament fees, or other related expenses. Grants are available to girls at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Teams must be community-based, not school teams. 

. Woman's Grant Advisor  
guide to the premier resources for finding and applying for government and foundation grants with an emphasis on education, business, minority, and general foundation grants.

. Woman's Peacepower Foundation 
The Women's Peacepower Foundation Makes grants to grassroots projects that are working to impact issues of violence against women and their children.

. Women's Philanthropy Institute
The Women's Philanthropy Institute (WPI) is a nonprofit organization that brings together philanthropists and philanthropy professionals to educate and advance women as major donors and volunteer leaders for the nonprofit causes and institutions of their choosing.

ZISVAW is a program of Zonta International, dedicated to eliminating violence against women and children.

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