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FAKE NEWS Russians influence/interference with the Election of Trump by using Twitter, Facebook, and Google to it and each company made a ton of money from the ads bought but have no legal requirements to not take the money and have no penalty for doing business with an enemy of America.

Politics: Middle-class suburbanites are conscious of being caught in the middle, doubly betrayed by those who would govern from the bottom up and by those who would govern from the top down. … What they really want is a new political contract — and the freedom to dream the American dream again.

Hacker Stole 30GB of Sensitive Data from Australian Defense Contractor. F-35 fighter jet secrets stolen from Australian Government defence contractor in 'extensive' hack

IOT has a security problem and it's BIG #Infosec #CyberSecurity #Industry40 #IoTsecurity #DDoS #Analytics

IRS originally just gave the no bid contract to Equifax Breach now the IRS temporarily suspends contract with Equifax
EQUIFAX BREACH 145.5 million Americans - Has your email, password, or SSN #security been breached? Fire John Ford Chief Privacy Officer #FAIL

Symantec CEO says source code reviews pose unacceptable Risk Software produced by Microsoft Corp has been acquired by state organizations and firms in Russia and Crimea despite sanctions barring U.S-based companies from doing business with them, official documents show.

Julian Assange ~ "War is directly monetizable leading to a trillion dollar/year sector in the US. A lobby with a 2000x larger budget than a presidential election spend. Is it possible to monetize peace through derivatives or other methods to create a financial lobby in the other direction?"

North Korea targeted U.S. electric power companies

Unremovable Backdoor Accounts

Enhancing a person’s ability to learn and control their behavior — in short, to change how people think — by stimulating the brain. high-definition transcranial alternating current stimulation (HD-tACS), to “turbo charge” two brain regions that influence how we learn.

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