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Creative Commons, Copyright Free Graphics, Clip Art, and Royalty Free Stock Photos

An American academic is creating a searchable database of 12 million historical copyright-free images. Kalev Leetaru has already uploaded 2.6 million pictures to Flickr, which are searchable thanks to tags that have been automatically added.

IM FREE A curated collection of free resources, all for commercial use. Curated collections of free commercial use photos.

Copyright FREE

IM FREE does not host the images itself. Instead it provides the user with a gateway to Flickr. This makes sure, that the photos are downloaded directly from the accounts of the participating photographers, which in itself makes sure, that chnges in licensing will never fall through the grids. Another advantage is, that all of Flickr’s different resolutions are available at your finger tips.


The Open Clipart Library (OCAL) is the Largest Collaboration Community that creates, shares and remixes clipart. All clipart is released to the public domain and may be used in any project for free and with no restrictions.



FREE Graphics &

New Old Stoc k

Free Stock Photos This site allows you to use a wide rangeof beautiful government owned photos for free. The pictures may be used in both educational and commercial projects. The only restriction seems to be that you include the name. in or near the pictures you use and that you are not able resell them as "stock photos". Scenery ;Wildlife; Wildflowers & Plants; Objects & Backgrounds Sky; Clouds,Sunsets Travel & Recreation Cities & Buildings; NASA | NOAA | USDA; Water & Geology ;Historical Places Miscellaneous;3D Stereo; Photography

The Gerald Warner Taiwan Image Collection
This photo sharing site requires free registration for use. Designed to assist people in sharing photos with family and friends, it is also a great place to search for photos.

Powerhouse Museum's Electronic Swatchbook - small samples of fabric have been collected and compiled in the form of swatchbooks for at least 300 years. The Powerhouse Museum has several volumes containing thousands of bright, unfaded samples of fashionable fabric designs, braids and laces ranging from the 1830s to the 1920s. The patterns on this site are in the public domain in Australia.

Library of Congress American Memory

Public Domain Images
Public domain photos. Some freebies but the site is largely promotes a book and search services. (from Knight (1998)

Morgue File 
A place to keep post production materials for use of reference, an inactive job file. This morgue file contains free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use.
The term "morgue file" is popular in the newspaper business to describe the file that holds past issues flats. Although the term has been used by illustrators, comic book artist, designers and teachers as well. The purpose of this site is to provide free image reference material for use in all creative pursuits. This is the world wide web's morguefile.

Free Pixels

Open Source Graphics for the Masses
Has photographs and an "ImageBlender" where you can edit digital images. "Copyright friendly images for education" available for use in teacher or student projects.

Pictures of Weather

FREE DHD Photo Gallery: The Lobby

Purchace Royalty Free Photos




MICROSTOCK very image from each of the leading microstock vendors allowing for side-by-side comparison of pricing, licensing models and terms. The new site was developed by PressFoto, an emerging microstock company offering some of the most aggressive pricing and flexible licensing models in the business. has indexed more than 30 million photos from iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Fotolia, PressFoto and others. Users can search by title, keyword, orientation, size and color as well as blank area for copy. Search results reveal images from all the sites that are either identical or similar and provides comparative cost and licensing options.

Free Stock Photos 100's of photo's in all catagories.


Every US gov web site (and probably some state and local web sites) will have public domain images: All have royalty free images -- 


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