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Hurricane Disaster plan

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[Hurrican Sandy] "A major hurricane is unlikely in New York City, but not impossible" New York City Office of Emergency Management.

How Hurricane Sandy routes around the Internet - The affected area also happens to contain major hubs for international Internet connectivity. When looking at cable maps (for instance Greg's Cable Map), it immediately becomes clear the affected area is key for Internet communications between North America and Europe. Two major hubs for international Internet communications in the affected area are the New York City (NYC) and Washington DC/Ashburn area (ASH). In this article we look at IPv4 traceroutes by RIPE Atlas probes that traverse paths through the affected area and what it can tell us about the impact Hurricane Sandy had on the wider Internet.

This was the City of New Orleans' Hurricane Preparedness Plan

School buses needed to help with evacuation

Heavy rains fell over the Mid Mississippi Valley in April of 1927 which flooded down to the lower Mississippi Valley. The river broke through 13 levees along the river which caused widespread flooding that encompassed 26,000 square miles. The catastrophe caused more than a thousand deaths and forced almost a million people from their homes. More than five million acres of farmland were ruined. The flooding occurred from April until June.
KRVS, a public radio station in Lafayette broadcasts in English, Creole and Cajun French where you can find music and research about previous natural disasters, from the devastating Mississippi River flood of 1927 to Hurricane Betsy in 1965. NPR did a story on this with songs.

In the Gulf region, forecasters can only tell you 36-72 hours in advance that a hurricane is headed toward a region. At that point, a hurricane's strike zone is several hundred miles wide. "Forecasters cannot come close to predicting a storm's landfall accurately beyond 24 hours. Three days before a hurricane hits, the official forecast can be off by as much as 250 miles in either direction -- the distance from New Orleans to a point between Pensacola and Panama City, Fla., to the east and Beaumont, Texas, to the west.

Flood Waters Can't Sink Net Link,2782,68725,00.html

Hurricane Digital Memory Bank - in case you forget what we are talking about! compelling images and stories seared into the memories of all who lived through them.

Hurricane Katrina Time Line

Hurricane Katrina Commentary

The "city" of Louisiana (Keith Olbermann) 9/5, 2005

Hurricane Katrina-Our Experiences by Larry Bradshaw, Lorrie Beth Slonsky The two writers were paramedics who were in NO for an EMS conference.

Swimming to New Orleans By Nick Glassman senior manager of programming for MediaFLO at  Qualcomm, Inc. September 9, 2005,

Google Maps has updated satellite imagery of Katrina in New Orleans.  people are posting addresses, and others are downloading NOAA sat images, overlaying, and posting images to show degree of flooding.  For example:Bad shape and Not-so-bad shape
If you do have Google Earth, this is an interesting overlay that shows the damage ratings the Federal Government has given to various areas.  The data is dated 6PM Sept 5.

Love Canal-type landfill submerged in New Orleans floodwaters.

The Agriculture Street Landfill (ASL) A toxic landfill is situated on a 95-acre site in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. The ASL is a federally  registered Superfund site, and is on the National Priorities List of highly contaminated sites requiring cleanup and containment. The situation could exacerbate the already dire threat to human health and the environment from the flood waters.

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