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computer wonder women and Digital Diva's: Women and Their Role in the Development of the Modern Computer

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. ~ Alice Walker


Computer Wonder Women: Find the Mother of the Internet

The Army wanted women with mathematics degrees to
HAND CALCULATE the firing trajectories of artillery for the war effort.



"Don't worry your pretty little head over it." NOT


NPR The Forgotten Female Programmers Who Created Modern Tech If your image of a computer programmer is a young man, there's a good reason: It's true. Recently, many big tech companies revealed how few of their female employees worked in programming and technical jobs. Google had some of the highest rates: 17 percent of its technical staff is female. It wasn't always this way. Decades ago, it was women who pioneered computer programming — but too often, that's a part of history that even the smartest people don't know.

Women in Tech - The Missing Force: Karen Catlin


She found her first bug in 1946,
when will you find yours?

Grace Hopper's finding of the "bug" on code


The first computer was a women who computes.

11/2/14 Mary Shaw Receives National Medal of Technology and Innovation Highest U.S. Honor for Technological Progress Goes to Software Engineering Pioneer. Dr. Shaw is a leader in software engineering research whose work on software architecture — the large-scale structure of software systems — helped establish it as a recognized discipline. Selecting an appropriate architecture is now recognized as a critical step in the engineering of complex software systems for everything from the anti-lock braking systems in cars to the international banking system. She also is an educational innovator who has developed computer science curricula from the introductory to the doctoral level, including graduate programs targeted at software professionals. Mary is one of Carnegie Mellon's earliest Ph.D. graduates in computer science in 1972, is a faculty member in the Institute for Software Research Computer Science Department and the Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

FYI Mary and Dave Farber "grandfather of the internet" happen to be good friends!



Data on faculty salaries for faculty in computer science and computer engineering departments in North America is included in the annual Taulbee Survey of the Computing Research Association the principal source of information on the enrollment, production, and employment of Ph.D.s in computer science and computer engineering (CS & CE) and in providing salary and demographic data for faculty in CS & CE in North America. Statistics given include gender and ethnicity breakdowns. This material is toward the end of the report. There are extensive breakdowns by type of university. Salaries are not broken down by gender, but other information in the report shows gender distribution of positions. The front part of the report is on student enrollment. How Mush Are You Worth may also be of interest because you can find out what money the men are getting. It doesn't apply to all Majors, countries or universities. BUT it's worth checking out.

Nov 9, 2013 Great ad on women vs. men in power positions.
70% of men think that women need to downplay their personality to be accepted. Double standards hold women back. Because when you stand strong, you shine.

Educational CyberPlayGround Computer Wonder Women



Find the Mother of the Internet

Women Computers 1891 - Ada Lovelace
The world's first programmer, Lovelace created technical notes for the Analytical Engine conceived by Charles Babbage. Computer geeks on opposite ends of the Earth have found the original sketch of the world's first programmer. Born December 10, 1815, Ada Lovelace is perhaps best known for her contributions toward Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, Designed but never actually built until 1991, the Analytical Engine is in many ways one of the ancestors of today's computer systems. In a story worthy of a Hollywood movie, an Army sergeant in Tajikistan and a programmer in Texas resurrected the legend of Ada Lovelace by buying up her nearly 150-year-old sketch portrait on eBay. Augusta Ada, Countess of Lovelace, was the daughter of poet Lord Byron.

The Forgotten Female Programmers who invented modern Tech.
Walter Isaacson begins his new book,The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution, with her story.The computer language ADA was named after her in recognition of her pioneering work with Charles Babbage.
In her article, Lovelace expresses a vision for his machine that goes beyond calculations. She envisioned that "a computer can do anything that can be noted logically," explains Isaacson. "Words, pictures and music, not just numbers. She understands how you take an instruction set and load it into the machine, and she even does an example, which is programming Bernoulli numbers, an incredibly complicated sequence of numbers."


Excellent article about Phillipa Fawcett who, in 1890, placed first in the University of Cambridge mathematical examinations.

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper was one of the first computer programmers ever (the Harvard Mark I calculator (1943)) and one of the designers of COBOL (gasp!) She coined the term "debugging" for removing errors from computer programs. A legend in computer science. Here she is chatting to a TV show host on 2 October 1986 (taped from a repeat broadcast in the early '90s).

Grace Hopper Explains Nanoseconds




1) When Computers Were Human,
3 Generations of Human Computers
- Grandmother Blanch Ocain 1920's, Her son Thomas Greer 1950's, then her grandson David Allen Greer 1980's.

2) Eniac Built In WWII lead to Computers & The History of the Internet Movie

Computers and Women from the 60's

Radia Perlman, Jean Jennings Bartik, Kay McNulty Mauchly Antonelli, John Mauchly, Presper Eckert , Betty Snyder, Holberton, punchcard, mainframe, Eniac, Univac, Edvac, Ordvac, Brlesc-1, Cobal, Fortran, Rear Admiral Dr. Grace Murray Hopper, Hedy Lamarr, Dr. Dorothy E. Denning, Anita Jones, Esther Dysen, Joan Korenman, Deborah Estrin, Hackers, Crackers, Phreaks, Natasha Grigori, Carmin Karasic, Gigabyte, Raven Alder, Blueberry,Colleen Card, RosieX, Susan Thunder, St. Jude, Jennifer Grannick, Courtnee, viXen900, Chainsawkitten, Gail Thackeray, Joanna Rutkowska,and Anita Borg

Eniac Programmers Project Honoring Computer Pioneers and Preserving Their Stories

Teachers | Women and Development of Computers - women and computers, girls and computers, history of computers, women and technology

Cheltenham High School Computer Club 1970

Wang Computer in Cheltenham High School, Wyncote PA - From my year book. copyright 1970

The World's First Disc Drive & Notice the Computer Wonder Woman!

Computer Wonder Women Educational CyberPlayGround

This is a 4.4 Meg Hard Disk in 1956.
In September 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored 4.4MB of data.

Start appreciating your 4 GB memory stick!

Computer Wonder Women Educational cyberPlayground

Women Hacker Comic
A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

Gotta see this one.


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